Writing Desks

In the composition of your work corner, the desk is everything. Spacious and...  

In the composition of your work corner, the desk is everything. Spacious and functional to comfortably complete your commitments, elegant and design to communicate your personality. ISA Project offers desks and desks tailored to your personality.

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Writing Desks

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Desk with led lamp - Apelle

Price €1,500.00

The Apelle desk embodies elegance and practicality. Metal structure, large rectangular top finished in wood, lampshade and drawer covered in leather make it an ideal piece of furniture to furnish with taste and functionality your study area.


Desk with glass top - Suite

Price €1,427.00

Suite desk simple and cozy design, discreetly furnishes any environment. Table top finished in glass, legs in stained ash wood and a practical magazine rack covered in leather give life to a complete work surface. Perfect to tastefully furnish living rooms, study areas or bedrooms.


Desktop Sangiacomo with drawers - Desk

Price €810.00

Desk, private office. For those wishing  to set up a small study in the home. The Desk writing desk is characterized by its metal frame with rounded uprights and shaped top in wood, finished on all sides. Storage and function are ensured by the drawer unit, finished on all the sides.


Writing desk in metal and wood - Alfred

Price €697.00

Alfred is a practical and elegant writing desk to write your thoughts or work in your home office. The base is in metal, with texture wood or lacquered top, embellished with leather drawers and available in several sizes. 


Table with glass/ceramic top - Moonlight

Price €1,828.00

Sinuous lines and precious materials make the Moonlight table an extremely spectacular piece of furniture. Apparently heavy but light thanks to its baydur base, Moonlight harmoniously aligns with modern furnishings, giving an inevitable refinement and attention to detail.