Home lighting is a necessity but it is also a means to enhance the decor and create...  

Home lighting is a necessity but it is also a means to enhance the decor and create the right atmosphere. Table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps or chandeliers are not only a piece of furniture but means with which to communicate the essence of your environments.

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Wall lamp - Beluga Steel

Price €229.00

The wall light  Beluga Steel has a very refined and modern shape. The glossy chrome diffuser is supported by an arm that allows it to illuminate objects in a timely manner. It is perfect for a shop or exhibition, or for the bathroom or bedroom of a house or a hotel.


Wall or Ceiling Spotlight - Beluga Steel

Price €157.00

The wall and ceiling Spotlight Beluga Steel is a very functional item, which is suitable for all environments thanks to its simple and very versatile form. The diffuser in polished chrome can be rotated and uses halogen or LED bulbs. This lamp is suitable for the home but especially for contract projects for hotels, restaurants or shop. Its design adds value and character to the surroundings.


Suspension lamp in crystal - Beluga Colour

Price €217.00

The single suspension Beluga Color is a very versatile and modern lamp perfect for the dining area of the house or to illuminate the tables of the bar or restaurant. For a better visual effect it is advisable to install it in groups of two or 


Pendant Lamp - Beluga Royal

Price €583.00

The Pendant Lamp Beluga Royal is a very elegant and luxurious design object thanks to the particular glass finishes and the metallic effect that produces with light. They can be placed in the living room of the house or in very large public spaces if you think in suggestive sets of combined lamps.


Table lamp - Beluga Colour

Price €137.00

The Table lamp Beluga Color is very versatile and modern. The diffuser is in crystal in five colors: transparent, red, yellow, amber, green and blue. The light is warm and welcoming.


Pendant Lamp Beluga Steel

Price €234.00

Pendant lamp with a modern and elegant design. The light produced is punctual downwards and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the environment. It is perfect for the kitchen or the tables of a restaurant or bar.


Recessed spotlight - Beluga Colour

Price €156.00

The modern lighting Beluga Colour is a recessed technical spotlight with a very sophisticated and trendy design that embellishes the environment in which it is installed. Ideal for the bathroom, the corridor or to support decorative lamps in the room.


Wall or Ceiling lamp - Beluga Colour

Price €149.00

The  Wall and Ceiling lamp Beluga Colour has a modern and contemporary design. It is a universal light fitting that is suited to any room in the home or in public places. It can be installed in the bedroom, bathroom or the living area of the home or in the study.


Table lamp - Beluga steel

Price €148.00

The table lamp Beluga Steel has a contemporary and youthful design. It is ideal for the bedside table in the bedroom or for the living room. It can be included in the contract project of a hotel or shop.