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Reception and Common Areas: Creating Welcoming and Functional Spaces

Welcome to the world of receptions and common areas transformed into astonishing and inviting spaces. At ISAProject, we understand the impact of the right design, from first impressions to moments of relaxing breaks. Explore our range of customized solutions that will turn your reception and common areas into places of inspiration and collaboration.

Linear Reception Desks: Boundless Hospitality

Making a Lasting First Impression

Our linear reception desks embody elegance and functionality. With a clean and modern design, they offer a welcoming space without boundaries. As Oscar Wilde said, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression," and we at ISAProject wholeheartedly agree. With our linear reception desks, hospitality becomes a memorable experience. Choose the right first impression, choose style and design.

"L" Shaped Reception Desks: Style that Makes a Difference

Functional Elegance in Full Length

Our "L" shaped reception desks are the perfect synthesis of style and functionality. With the L-shaped workspace, these counters provide a spacious and well-organized reception area. Furthermore, they optimize space in smaller environments. Let your space speak of professionalism and elegance with our "L" shaped reception counters.

Acoustic Cabins: Privacy for Concentration

Distraction-Free Focus

The acoustic cabins carefully selected by ISAProject are designed to offer privacy and concentration in shared environments. Made with high-quality sound-insulating materials, these cabins create a peaceful and isolated space. Our cabins cater to any need, whether you require a private meeting or a moment of focused work.

Multi-purpose High Tables: Versatility at Your Service

Dynamic Collaboration and Interaction

Our multi-purpose high tables are the perfect addition to common areas. Designed with high-quality materials, whether for informal meetings or interactive moments, these versatile tables are created to encourage collaboration and idea-sharing. Foster a dynamic and engaging environment with our multi-purpose high tables.

Coffee Break Stations: Relaxation and Connection

Break in Style

The coffee break stations handpicked by ISAProject transform common areas into relaxation and connection hubs. With a wide range of attractively designed and functional tables, these stations provide an inviting place to take a break and socialize. Building a strong and cohesive team is essential for productivity. Gather your team and take a stylish break with our coffee break stations.

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