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Flow ceiling lamp glass and metal

Price €194.00

The Flow ceiling light has a glass diffuser with printed decorative motifs that,  by creating pleasant light effects on the ceiling, make the spaces in which it is inserted unique. It is ideal for any home environment and to embellish business premises or contract projects such as restaurants, hotels and elegant and refined shops.


Recessed spotlight - Beluga Colour

Price €156.00

The modern lighting Beluga Colour is a recessed technical spotlight with a very sophisticated and trendy design that embellishes the environment in which it is installed. Ideal for the bathroom, the corridor or to support decorative lamps in the room.


Wall lamp 2 or 3 spotlights - Beluga white

Price €406.00

The Beluga White wall and ceiling spotlights has a modern and contemporary design. The lamp is well suited to classical settings but also more modern ones like the living room of a private home or the communal areas of a hotel or restaurant.



Wall or Ceiling lamp - Beluga Colour

Price €149.00

The  Wall and Ceiling lamp Beluga Colour has a modern and contemporary design. It is a universal light fitting that is suited to any room in the home or in public places. It can be installed in the bedroom, bathroom or the living area of the home or in the study.


Wall or ceiling Spotlight - Beluga Colour

Price €371.00

The Beluga Colour multiple wall and ceiling lamp is supplied with two or three light fittings. Its light is very intense and consistent, suitable for large rooms that need an efficient and constant lighting. It is perfect for a shop or a restaurant but also for the living area of the home.


Wall or Ceiling Spotlight - Beluga Steel

Price €157.00

The wall and ceiling Spotlight Beluga Steel is a very functional item, which is suitable for all environments thanks to its simple and very versatile form. The diffuser in polished chrome can be rotated and uses halogen or LED bulbs. This lamp is suitable for the home but especially for contract projects for hotels, restaurants or shop. Its design adds value and character to the surroundings.


Wall or ceiling Spotlight - Beluga Steel

Price €394.00

The Beluga Steel multiple wall and ceiling lamp is available with two or three light fittings, that can be rotated. These devices are suitable for modern and classic environments and give elegance and simplicity to the surroundings. They are suitable for the bathroom or communal areas of the home and public places.


Wall or ceiling spotlight - Beluga White

Price €163.00

The wall and ceiling spotlight Beluga White is a simple and very functional furnishing accessory. Its diffuser can be rotated, making it suitable for lighting any room in the home or public places such as a hotel, restaurant or bar. It is perfect for the bedroom, the bathroom or the hallway.