Floor Lights

Of strong presence and visual impact, the floor lamps irremediably capture the...  

Of strong presence and visual impact, the floor lamps irremediably capture the attention. From the many lines depending on the atmosphere to be created, the floor lamps accompany and complete the lighting of the rooms, giving elegance and intimacy.

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Floor Lights

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Floor Lamp - Beluga White

Price €888.00

The Beluga White floor lamp has a classic and elegant style. The lamp enhances the setting and is well suited to the bedroom or the living room. It gives character to the study or anonymous public settings.


Floor lamp in aluminium - Milo

Price €556.00

Milo is an outdoor floor lamp whit aluminium frame. Romantic elegance, attention to details, Milo is a family of objects which all have a strong mine, although part in furnishing without arrogance.


Lamp floor - Guapa

Price €621.00

Floor lamp with indirect light. Base in lacquered steel. Diffuser in hide with the upper ring in lacquered steel. The transparent cable is fitted with the ON/OFF switch. The lamp is available also as suspension lamp.


Sott'Archi metal floor lamp

Price €1,393.00

It is a very versatile lamp that comes from the idea of having a lamp with a light spot that can be easily moved to the desired place: lighting a table, a desk, a book.
Approximately 3 meters is the maximum distance of the reflector from the base in horizontal projection, as well as the possibility of reaching different combinations, thanks to its hinged and therefore adjustable bows.



Floor lamp in painted metal -Tribeca

Price €805.00

Tri.Be.Ca is a lamp with handy shelves on which to store all kinds of objects: books, glasses, mobile phone or tablet, trough the convenient USB connection allows you to put charging any device in a practical way. Tri.Be.Ca is at home in the living room next to a sofa or in the bedroom where you can combine a chair.


Floor Lamp with metal and wood frame

Price €933.00

Floor Lamp is based on the simple mechanism of a beam balance. A long beam cranes across the room and balances a lampshade on one side against a sandbag on the tjer. The sand bag can be moved manually into four positions weighing in different lighting situations.