Barbecues & Fire Pits

Barbecues & Fire Pits

To create sources of heat around which to gather in the autumn evenings or for...  

To create sources of heat around which to gather in the autumn evenings or for barbecues in the name of good company and good food, braziers and barbecues can not miss. Highly efficient bespoke solutions for your most enjoyable moments.

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Barbecues & Fire Pits

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Beer Box bottle rack/barbecue/stool in steel

Price 119,00 €   €113.00

Beer Box was born as a box for bottle in corten steel to transform itself into a brazier for a barbecue or comfortable stool. Imagine going out for a picnic, bringing the beers in the crate, lighting the fire with the cardboard inside and grill a good steak. Wouldn't it be great? 


Ellipse barbecue/brazier in corten steel

Price 229,00 €   €218.00

Ellipse, barbecue/brazier in solid corten steel, surprising for its rounded and sweet shapes. It can be placed in the middle when friends find themselves in front of the fire or can be take the role of barbecue for outdoor grilling. The upper part can be rotated by emptying the ash in the base and thus extinguishing the flames. 


Cone barbecue in stainless steel

Price 699,00 €   €664.00

Cone is a charcoal barbecue in steel, designed to offer the best aesthetic and functional design to accompany your grilling in the company. Thanks to the side level you can adjust the heat the effective way by bringing the embers closer or further away from the food. 


Triple barbecue/brazier in corten steel

Price 119,00 €   €113.00

Triple is a removable barbecue/brazier, designed in solid corten steel. Three identical segments are completed and together from a brazier fireplace with an original and comfortable shape that is easily transportable.  


Barbecue in Corten or Painted Black Steel - Piatto

Price starting from   €1,810.00

The barbecue in corten, wood or coal, is made of steel and is perfect for cooking outdoors without sacrificing practicality, thanks to the shelves of the underlying cabinet that allow you to place trays, barbecue utensils and condiments useful while you cook. The lower compartment can also be used as a wood or charcoal storage in order to have everything ready when needed. Available in 3 sizes for all occasions!


Gas Barbecue with cart - King

Price €2,788.00

Gas Barbecue with cart, available in two measures. Thanks to the exclusive design and the patented cooking systems that allow you to cook any type of food evenly. The maximum expression of quality, contained in a product with highly professional features. 


Cube barbecue/brazier/stool in steel

Price 279,00 €   €265.00

Cube is an original steel creation that reinterprets the world of barbecue. Three objects in one: a barbecue for your outdoor grilling, a brazier to create atmosphere and comfortable stool / table when inside it does not burn anything. 


Round Fire Pit for Outdoor in Aluminium - Zero...

The round fire pit for outdoor is an aluminum wood-burning brazier, designed for pleasant moments to spend outdoors. Thanks to the large space available, the brazier can accommodate various guests around it, thus giving unique moments of aggregation. Design and art come together in a brazier that is simple in shape but strong in character. Thanks to this brazier you can treat yourself to unforgettable moments with your friends, spent in the moonlight and under the light of the stars.