Discover the new arrivals on Isa Project and choose the trendy products that best...  

Discover the new arrivals on Isa Project and choose the trendy products that best suit your home: tables, chairs, stools, sofas, armchairs, beds, lamps and many furnishing accessories to create an original and design home, without ever giving up to functionality and comfort.

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Scab design

Stackable Outdoor Chair in Rope - Lisa Club

Price 298.90   245.10

The Stackable Outdoor Chair stands out for its original style, characterized by the combination of the steel structure and the seat and backrest made with a rope weave. Thanks to the materials with which it is made, the chair is resistant to atmospheric agents and time and therefore perfect for elegantly decorating your garden. Create a corner of pure relaxation outside your home and give life to a real design living room by completing the composition with the Lisa Club. Available with or without armrests. Choose now the color you like best and customize your Chair!


Round Coffee Table with Glass Top - Case

Price 588.00   441.00

The round coffee table with glass top is characterized by an original metal base composed of an intertwining of curved lines. The base, made of back-painted glass, gives an elegant and exclusive touch to the coffee table, making it the perfect piece of furniture for your living room. The coffee table is perfect for keeping the living area tidy and using it as a support base for when sipping a coffee in the company of friends or relatives. Choose the color that best suits your style and also discover the Ring coffee table, for a coordinated and original furniture!


Stackable Storage Basket in Rattan - Carry Me

Price 244.00

The stackable storage basket Carry Me is the best solution to keep your indoor environment in order without sacrificing elegance. Practical and durable it is perfect for the living room or the bedroom. The structure is in natural rattan. The materials used are all top-quality. The basket is stackable, lightweight, easy to move: an excellent space-saving solution! Carry Me is a versatile and elegant piece of furniture that embellishes the environments in which it is placed!


Outdoor Deck Chair in rope - Bahza

Price 549.00   450.18

The deck chair Bahza is the perfect friend to enjoy the tranquility of your garden in absolute relaxation. The comfortable seat, characterized by a large removable fabric cushion, makes Bahza the best solution when you want to read a book or just speak with your friends on hot summer evenings. The elegant design of the painted aluminum frame and the rope coating give your home an original, unique style. The top-quality materials used are weatherproof and UV resistant. The armchair can be disassembled and therefore can be stored easily during the winter. Bahza is the element that completes the furnish of your garden!

Scab design

Design Upholstered Chair - Lisa

Price 358.68   294.12

The design upholstered chair is inspired by the elegant atmospheres of the 50's and 60's interiors. The thin tubular frame surrounds and supports the back of the chair with the padded seat. Thanks to fine finishes and materials, Lisa is at home in both modern living rooms and elegant dining rooms. The unique feature of this design chair is the backrest: its particular Lisa conformation is placed on the table top in order to facilitate floor cleaning operations. Choose now the color of the legs and upholstery to create a unique and original seat!

Square Ottoman Pouf - Buddy


Square Ottoman Pouf - Buddy

Price 589.00

The square ottoman pouf has an elegant and minimal style. This particular element is characterized by the contrast between the voluminous padding and the lightness of the steel frame. Its strong point, in addition to the original design, is the comfort of the seat. Suitable for furnishing a living area with a contemporary style and to give an extra touch to your living room. The seat is available in three different coverings (fabric, wool and velvet) and in many different colors. The steel legs are available with powder coating of different colors or in antique brass.


Outdoor Living Room in Aluminum - Capri

Price 2,403.40   1,970.79

The outdoor living room Capri is the ideal solution if you want to furnish your garden with style. The elegance of the enchanting Capri translated into the bold design of this comfortable living room. Cuddle your friends with the enveloping seat of the soft removable cushions in fabric. The materials used are top-quality, designed for outdoor use: the painted aluminum structure is resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays. The sitting room is completed by a refined coffee table with a glass top. Give your garden a touch of purity with the white color or a veil of mystery by choosing anthracite!


Outdoor Living Room in Rope - Nizza

Price 3,416.00   2,801.12

The outdoor lounge Nizza is the ideal piece of furniture for the garden of your home. The rope living room is the synthesis of an elegant design that combines absolute comfort. Nizza is perfect for reading a nice book in peace or speaking with your friends on pleasant summer evenings. The painted aluminum frame and the rope coating are high-quality materials, designed for outdoor use and therefore resistant to the weather and sun rays. Don’t worry if it rains! Cuddle your guests with the wraparound removable fabric cushions. Do not miss the opportunity to furnish your garden with this fantastic living room!

Scab design

Outdoor Chair with Armrests - Si Si Dots

Price 269.62   221.09

The outdoor chair with armrests stands out for its versatility and unique design. Perfect for decorating outdoor environments such as gardens and terraces, it is also suitable for modern interiors. The original design characterized by the multiplicity of dots makes this chair unique in its kind. Customize your chair now and choose the most suitable color for your home!

Isa Selection

Neon Led Light Dream Writing - Sogna

Price 114,00 €   73.00

The neon led light dream writing is perfect for recreating a vintage and eccentric atmosphere, typical of 80s nightclubs and clubs, which are back in fashion even in modern and current environments. The word dream is ideal for decorating bedrooms or even extravagant living rooms with an underground style. Play with the words that best represent you and convey your dreamer message!

Scab design

Design Chair for Outdoor - Si Si Dots

Price 237.90   195.08

The design chair for outdoor is characterized by a modern and original style, which is characterized by the particular texture made with small dots. The chair, thanks to the steel construction, is resistant and light and perfect for decorating the garden or other outdoor spaces of the house. Choose the most suitable color for your home and customize your chair now!

Scab design

Colored Steel Chair - Si Si Barcode

Price 225.70   185.07

The colored steel chair is perfect for those who love to dare with colors and original design. The chair, available in six different colors, is characterized by the single steel shell, which makes it resistant and, at the same time, light and therefore easy to move. The Si Si Barcode chair is suitable for both internal and external environments of the house, thus being able to use it at all times of the year. Choose now the color you like best and customize your chair!

Isa Selection

Neon led light Love writing - Amour

Price 48,00 €   37.00

Neon LED light to recreate a vintage and eccentric atmosphere, typical of 80s disco and clubs, which are back in fashion even in modern and current environments. Play with the words that best represent you and convey your message of love!

Isa Selection

Storage Pouf in Velvet Pink, Black or Grey - Chic

Price 91.50   86.93

The storage pouf in velvet is a pouf with a gold painted steel base with a modern and elegant design. Its minimal style allows it to be combined with different environments and to complete the living area furnishings in an original way. Thanks to the presence of the internal container it is possible to store small cushions, blankets or even magazines inside, in order to keep your living room tidy and ready to welcome guests and friends. Available in pink, gray and black.

Scab design

Hanging Garden Armchair - Lisa Swing

Price 1,738.50   1,425.57

The hanging garden armchair perfectly summarizes the encounter between design, comfort and originality. The armchair is made up of a set of materials: from the steel of the frame, to the nautical rope of the back and seat, up to the fabric upholstery of the cushions, which, with their softness, make the entire seat even more comfortable. The hanging garden armchair will be the piece of furniture that will leave your guests speechless. Give yourself a moment of play and relaxation in the garden of your home, choose the Lisa Swing hanging chair!

Scab design

Steel Chair with Armrests - Summer

Price 198.86   163.07

The steel chair with armrests is perfect for decorating the garden or other spaces outside your home. Thanks to the presence of the cushion and armrests, moments spent outdoors will be pleasant and you can enjoy lunches and dinners or simple chats with friends. Choose now the color that best suits the style of your home and customize the Summer chair!


Outdoor Set Living Room in Rope - Easy

Price 5,160.60   4,231.69

The complete living room Easy is perfect to give your garden a touch of charm. The large, comfortable seat and the high backrest will allow you to read a book or sip a cocktail with your friends in an almost magical environment! The bright tones of red and the delicate tones of light gray are easily adapted to the style of your home. The lounge has been designed for outdoor use: the painted aluminum of the structure and the rope coating are high-quality materials, weatherproof. Easy solves the problem of summer showers! The outdoor living room Easy guarantees absolute comfort without forgetting elegance!

Orme Light

Sideboard in Wood with Glass Doors - Geny

Price 1,193.00   1,073.70

The sideboard in wood with glass doors stands out for its modern and linear design. With its geometric shapes it clearly defines the space, occupying it with elegance and determination. The sideboard is perfect for decorating the living room or dining room, thus helping you to keep the house and the entire living area tidy. Choose the perfect color for your tastes and the style of your furniture and customize the doors of the sideboard with transparent or striped silk-screened glass. Give a unique touch to your home, customize your sideboard now!


Outdoor Living Room in Rope - Panama

Price 3,538.00   2,901.16

The outdoor living room Panama is the ideal solution to furnish your garden with elegance. The living room in rope combines a unique style with absolute comfort. Cuddle your loved ones with the large seat covered with removable cushions in Textilene fabric. The soft line of the painted aluminum structure and the rope coating are easy to match in any environment. Panama has been designed for outdoor use: the top-quality materials are weatherproof, the colors of the coating are resistant to the sun's rays. The living room components are stackable: the space in your garage is saved! Choose the Panama lounge to have a drink with your friends in a magical environment!