Bedside Tables

Bedside Tables

Always next to you, the choice of bedside table can give that extra touch to your...  

Always next to you, the choice of bedside table can give that extra touch to your sleeping area. Support point for abat jour, books and other objects, the bedside table completes your angle of rest. Discreet and refined lines sign the selection of proposals ISA Project.

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Bedside Tables

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Isa Selection

Metal Shelf / Bedside Table with Lamp - Ariel

Price  €100.00

The metal shelf with painted lamp with integrated light equipped with a magnet will allow you to move the lamp as you prefer to illuminate the rooms or read a good book. Thanks to the comfortable shelf, this piece of furniture becomes ideal as a shelf or as a bedside table in the bedroom or even at the entrance of the house. The functionality of the object is combined with the elegance of minimal design.


Bedside Table in Transparent Glass - Atlas

Price  €398.00

The bedside table in transparent design glass contains in its essence the functionality and comfort of the furnishing accessory with the elegance of the shapes and the material. Its curved shape gives movement to the object, making it fluid and dynamic. Atlas can be used as a bedside table in combination with an elegant double bed, but also as a multipurpose table in the living area of the house.


Wall bedside table - DPI 4

Price  €456.00

DPI is a wall metal container. A unique measure and three finishes: white, burnished and bronze patinated. Suitable for any place, able to give life to a wall by the multitude of different faceted combinations


Bedside table with 2 drawers - Abaco

Abaco offers an articulated set of storage units for the night zone characterized by original vertical inserts in coloured lacquer or wood. The signs that indicate the opening sometimes

are decided with the use of contrasting colours, sometimes become soft play of shadows characterized by the tone-on-tone materiality.


Bedside table with 2 drawers - Cidori

Cidori storage units are characterized by raised fronts and backrests as regards as the upper top. Thus they create a “tray” effect, customizable with the insertion of lacquered, gloss or satin glass. Tops, plinths and opening grooves may differ in the finish from the perimeter: you can obtain contrasting chromatic effects or monochrome proposals with different materials.


Wall Mounted Bedside Table with Open Unit - Ecletto

The wall mounted bedside table consists of a drawer and open compartment that lends itself to complete the most diverse spaces, from the bedroom, to the entrance, to the living area. Its minimal and modern design make it a perfect piece of furniture for the furnishing of a modern and elegant home. The wooden construction with matt lacquer finish make this element even more unique and refined, giving even more luster to the surrounding environment.


Andy lacquered bedside table

Price  €964.00

Sally is a single-piece night stands that seems to float on its four metal legs. The large drawer collects and contains objects that reflect our most intimate lives, who plays an important role in or role in our lives are and that's closest to ou