Design meets functionality in the watch collection proposed by ISA Project. Design...  

Design meets functionality in the watch collection proposed by ISA Project. Design objects, carefully cared for in detail, with which to embellish any corner of your home. Classic or modern, each model is designed to suit your style.

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Design Modern Wall Clock - OJ

Price €61.00

The modern design wall clock is a minimal and clean style clock. The simplicity of the composition makes this clock unique in its kind and suitable for decorating modern and bright environments. All Nomon watches are unique and different from each other because they are handmade, a feature that distinguishes them even more, making them increasingly unique and rare. The parade clock is made of polystyrene and available in many different colors, to suit everyone's tastes.

Isa Selection

Photo Frame with Clock in MDF - Olly

Price 133,00 €   €82.00

The photo frame with clock is the ideal composition to relive the most beautiful moments of your life and remember how precious time is and how you should spend it with your loved ones, so as not to waste a second of it. With this unique piece of furniture you will decorate your home with memories and love.


Pendulum wall clock - Bubble

Price 205,00 €   €184.00

The multicolored bubbles play with the hands, making the Bubble pendulum clock an extravagant and design accessory. Ideal to customize your spaces with a touch of color and personality.


Wall Clock Barcelona

Price €830.00

Barcelona is an elegant, refined, original and compact watch that if it's placed on a white wall, you will not use anything else, because it self will make you wall full of character.


Wall Pendulum Clock in Metal - Aika

Price €178.12   €146.06

The wall pendulum clock is a modern take on the classic pendulum clock. Its minimal design is perfect for furnishing essential environments with a modern style. Thanks to the wide choice of colors available (white, gray, black, red, orange, yellow and blue) you can choose the clock that best suits your home and its decor. A unique piece with which your guests will be amazed.


Table Clocks Atomo

Price €146.00

Who wouldn't like to have this beautiful clock on your bedside table?

Atom is the small Noon table clock, it's made by walnut wood with painted frontal face.


Pendulum wall clock - Contrattempo

Price 211,00 €   €190.00

The large dial, the clean design and the choice of refined materials make the Contrampo pendulum watch a versatile and whimsical accessory. Perfect to furnish your work spaces through a detail that gives order and personality.


Wall Clocks Atomo

Price €109.00

Atomo seems to be the classic alarm clock the ur parent had on the bedside table. In fact, its design is inspired by the alarms of the past. The Atomo clock combines perfection with the table clock version.