Bedroom Accessories

Bedroom Accessories

Exalt the soul of your room from the bed with refined and functional little details....  

Exalt the soul of your room from the bed with refined and functional little details. Stand and servomuti, bedside benches and armchairs, the ISA Project team suggests multiple accessories to fill every corner of your sleeping area with a touch of beauty.

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Bedroom Accessories

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Isa Selection

Free Standing Coat Rack - Alaska

Price  €172.00

The white lacquered coat stand is a versatile and elegant accessory. It can be used both at the entrance for coats, but also in the bedroom for clothes or for shoes to be stored on the appropriate shelves. Its use is also very suitable for bathrooms, for hanging bathrobes, storing towels or even magazines.


Ladder Towel Rack in rattan - Climb

Price  €210.00

The rattan towel ladder is a useful and indispensable accessory for bathroom furniture but it can be used in the living room as a magazine rack or in the bedroom to store your clothes. Minimal and elegant style to furnish your home with functionality and taste.


Valet chair in wood - Alfred

Price  €316.00

Alfred is not an usual chair, it fits in every part of the house: in a hallway, in a bedroom, and even in a fitting room. Thanks to small details it becomes a perfect clothes hanger: the imprint/hook at the top can accommodate a belt, a tie or a scarf; the cross-bar is for hanging clothes, while the ground plane is useful for piling up magazines and books.