Pots and Planters

Pots and Planters

From the most whimsical shapes, the vases and flower boxes can embellish and enhance...  

From the most whimsical shapes, the vases and flower boxes can embellish and enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces. For a bucolic and refined atmosphere, ISA Project suggests elegant and refined models to combine with the comfort area of gardens and terraces.

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Pots and Planters

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Indoor / Outdoor Self Watering Planter - Barney

Price  €9.00

The indoor / outdoor self-watering planter is a perfect solution for nature lovers who want to furnish their home with style. Its essential and elegant design makes this vase a real piece of furniture. The self-watering function is perfect for those who want to enjoy a weekend away from home.


Modular Aluminium Bookcase / Room Dividers - iPot

The iPot modular bookcase is a modular system that allows you to create your own home garden by integrating modules and accessories according to the space and your needs. iPot can be a vase, a glove box, a bookcase, a room divider or whatever you want, give the green light to your imagination! The aluminum structure allows light to filter throughout the room, alternating the shadows in correspondence with the modules filled with plants or the shelves with objects on top. Thanks to the modular bookcase you can give a touch of green and color to the rooms of the house.


Saving Space planter in polyethylene

Price  €259.00

Saving Space is a planter created with a craft action that produces unique but industrial pieces. The pot undergoes a process of "compression" immediately after being removed from its mould, when the material is still partially malleable. 


Nicole bright planter indoor/outdoor

Price  €508.00

Nicole is a slender fluid-shaped planter with double space vase, adaptable to any living environment or public space, with chance place it in one direction or upside down. Available in coloured or bright version.