Enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor space with bespoke furniture and accessories....  

Enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor space with bespoke furniture and accessories. ISA Project offers a rich selection of functional objects such as food trolleys, containers, service furniture or decorative such as lanterns, candle holders, vases or planters.

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Diamond Plust Vase

Price €122.00   €103.70

The Diamond Plust vase is a vase with clean and essential lines that recall the cut of precious stones. A perfect piece of furniture in environments with a contemporary taste and ideal for breaking up the monotony of environments and giving a unique touch to your home. Available in two sizes and in the lacquered version. Choose the perfect combination for your home!


Food trolley with teak top - Roll

Price €925.00

Roll is an outdoor food trolley with a teak top that can be positioned and desired on the upper or lower tray. Minimal and functional design, to facilitate outdoor operations and to enjoy pleasant moments in the garden or on the terrace.


Indoor/Outdoor Colored Vase - Nicole

Price €420.90   €357.77

The indoor / outdoor colored vase is a double compartment vase with a fluid and dynamic shape, which allows you to position it in one direction or upside down. Its minimal and essential design makes this design vase suitable for modern environments. Available in colored or lacquered version, for an effective visual impact.


Gravity suspended lantern in steel

Price 57,00 €   €54.00

Gravity is a lantern with special candle that maintains the horizontal position even when the support is turned. With its candlelit atmosphere it will give your rooms a magical aura. Turning the lantern upside down, the flame will go out in an instant. 


Bright Vase for Outdoor - Nicole

Price €657.58   €558.94

The luminous outdoor vase is a double compartment vase with a fluid and dynamic shape that can be positioned in one direction or upside down. The Nicole vase creates a magical and unique atmosphere during the evening hours, illuminating the external environment and highlighting the spaces and other furnishing accessories. This designer luminous vase is perfect for making the poolside area or the entrance to your home more elegant. Complete the decor of your garden to spend magical nights in the company of friends and relatives. The vase is available with both indoor and outdoor light kits.


Floating Vase / Storage Compartment - Ninfea

Price €128.10   €108.89

Ninfea is a floating vase available in two sizes. Perfect in outdoor contexts such as swimming pools or hot tubs where it can also be used as a floating container for drinks and objects. This floating vase is the must have for those who love comfort and design in any corner of the house.


Large Indoor and Outdoor Vase in Polyethylene - Drop

Price €219.60   €186.66

The large indoor and outdoor vase is a vase with simple and soft shapes, perfect when combined in contrast with succulent plants or decorative dry branches. Its minimal and essential design blends perfectly with modern environments. The Drop vase can be placed both indoors, thus giving a touch of green to the house, and outdoors, completing the garden furniture with a design element.