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Wall Lights

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Flow crystal and metal wall lamp

Price €194.00

The Flow wall lamp is a very elegant and tasteful lamp. It produces a very cozy light that creates pleasing effects on the wall thanks to the decorative patterns printed on the glass. It is perfect for the hallway of the house or hotel or to give a touch of preciousness or value to a public place


Wall lamp - Beluga Steel

Price €229.00

The wall light  Beluga Steel has a very refined and modern shape. The glossy chrome diffuser is supported by an arm that allows it to illuminate objects in a timely manner. It is perfect for a shop or exhibition, or for the bathroom or bedroom of a house or a hotel.


Wall lamp - Beluga White

Price €228.00

The Beluga White wall lamp with arm is a very functional lamp with a refined and modern design and is suitable for the bedroom, the bathroom or the living room.


Wall lamp glass and metal - Beluga colour

Price €214.00

The applique with arm Beluga Color produces a halogen light or LED very precise but also diffused thanks to the transparency of the glass. It is perfect for the bathroom or the bedroom of the home or hotel.