An accurate section dedicated to lovers of food and good living. Designer table...  

An accurate section dedicated to lovers of food and good living. Designer table accessories, trays to serve dishes with style, wine cellars, bottle holders and objects for wine tasting but also a wide selection of useful and functional objects.

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Wine Cellar with wooden top - Merlot

Isa Selection

Wine Cellar with wooden top - Merlot

Price 459,00 €   €291.00

Wine cellar with bottle holder in metal and solid wood top, ideal for wine lovers and for those who love to collect precious bottles. It can hold up to 15 bottles and if necessary it becomes a comfortable side table for a drink with friends.

Isa Selection

6 Gold decorative plate set - Mandala

Price 91,00 €   €82.00

The centerpiece plate Mandala is entirely made and carefully finished in wood. The bright gold color and its oriental decorations make it an extremely elegant accessory, perfect to adorn furniture with a classic or modern design and capture the eye with a refined and bright detail.

Isa Selection

3 metal trays set - Sur

Price 78,00 €   €69.00

The Sur tray set follows a simple and elegant design. Gold, silver and bronze give light to the environments through an accessory particularly suitable to furnish and embellish kitchens, living areas or living rooms.


Folding Trolley - T-Tap

Price €488.00

The folding trolley T-Tap combines elegance and functionality thanks to an essential design and attention to detail. Its practical closing system makes it an ideal space-saving piece of furniture for any context.


Food trolley with teak top - Roll

Price €925.00

Roll is an outdoor food trolley with a teak top that can be positioned and desired on the upper or lower tray. Minimal and functional design, to facilitate outdoor operations and to enjoy pleasant moments in the garden or on the terrace.