Section dedicated to unique and special collections, such as the one dedicated to...  

Section dedicated to unique and special collections, such as the one dedicated to accessories for our 4-legged friends, gift ideas for every occasion, up to true and authentic works of art, reproductions of original paintings and statues and sculptures in bronze.

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Dog bed in fabric - Nube

Price €229.00

The fabric dog house is super resistant and modern: the perfect shelter for sleepy dogs and to give a contemporary touch to your home. Designed to ensure maximum comfort for your dog, it adapts perfectly to the shape of the body thanks to the viscoelastic foam mattress.

Isa Selection

Abat Jour Lamp with usb socket in metal - Luke

Price 249,00 €   €150.00

Led table Lamp equipped with USB socket for charging smartphones and tablets. Touch switch, 3 levels of light intensity, minimal and clean lines for an essential and functional design at the same time. Ideal on the bedside table, on the desk or in the living room, to recharge your phone whenever you need it!


Dog Treat Pouch - Lupo

Price €40.00

The dog treat pouch is the fashionable and practical accessory that you and your dog will no longer be able to do without. The small bag features a convenient magnetic closure that makes it easy to collect the treats to give to your dog. In addition, on the bottom of the bag there is a bag holder and on the front a practical dispenser will allow you to quickly take the bag. The closure of the leather handle allows you to have your hands free while walking or training your four-legged friend.


Smartphone music box - Ping

Price €37.00   €31.45

Ping is a penguin with the desire to be a singer that turns into a music box for your smartphone. Listen to your music in freedom and when you want silence, Ping becomes an ironic and colorful design ornament.

Fonderia Artistica


Price €95,000.00

Formella del Ghiberti - Gate of Paradise

The gilded bronze tile, with images taken from the New Testament (stories by Giuseppe Ebreo), is part of the series of ten panels that make up the Gates of Paradise, the last in order of construction of the doors of the Florence Baptistery. The door is one of the most famous and important works of Ghiberti who took 27 years to make it. It was Michelangelo who defined it as “of Paradise” in deference to its artistic and symbolic beauty.

Note: It is necessary to request a quote to check the availability of the work and check the price in the event of a new reproduction.