For those who need to optimize the spaces and make the most of them, it is essential...  

For those who need to optimize the spaces and make the most of them, it is essential to rely on furniture and space-saving solutions. Extremely versatile and functional, each proposal ISA Project is designed to meet different needs and align to your style of furniture.

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Liftable Table and Convertible into Bed - Tavoletto

Price €1,991.04   €1,632.65

The liftable table and convertible into bed is an extremely innovative and unique design solution. Tavoletto is a coffee table, made of natural old oak, which moves in height to fulfill the function of a dining table or which, if necessary, evolves, giving shape to a comfortable bed of refined design. This coffee table represents an invitation to hospitality and the beauty of Made in Italy. Tavoletto is the perfect piece of furniture to welcome the last minute guest, offering him a comfortable place to rest. The coffee table is available with the top in different finishes and the legs painted or in the chrome version. Customize the perfect bedside table for your home now!


Composition with Wardrobe, Folding Desk and Single...

Price €4,895.00

The wardrobe with desk and foldaway single bed is the perfect solution to optimize space, without sacrificing comfort and design. This wall unit with built-in wardrobe, foldaway single bed and folding desk will allow you to keep the room in perfect order, using the various elements when needed and saving space by closing them for other occasions. Space-saving solution for studios and small spaces, customizable in size, colors and finishes.


Living room with murphy bed - Save 02

Price €5,941.00

Living room furniture with murphy bed with vertical pull down mechanism, wardrobe, cabinets and shelves. A dynamic solution to transform the living area a sleeping zone if necessary. Customizable composition for dimensions, colors and finishes.