To make the most of the cold winter days, outdoor biofireplaces are a valuable ally....  

To make the most of the cold winter days, outdoor biofireplaces are a valuable ally. To be placed near terraces, entrances or comfort areas, the models combine elegance and functionality, giving a warm and reassuring atmosphere.

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Steel Bioethanol Fireplace with Table - Minerva table

Price 1,895.88   1,706.29

The bioethanol fireplace with table is equipped with a table that creates the perfect convivial and welcoming atmosphere, transforming your space into a place of emotions and well-being. The cylindrical structure is made of sheet steel with a glass tube to protect the flame. Thanks to the table you can organize comfortable aperitifs with friends during the cold winter days. The hot soul of the party has already arrived, only the guests are missing!


Wall bio-fireplace in steel - Tube

Price 935.13   841.62

Tube, wall bio-fireplace, is the result of combinations of technology and history that has a created a pieces of furniture that recalls the ancient roman torches, reviewed in a modern way. The final effect is scenic and fascinating, as an art painting in your living room. 


Steel and glass Lantern / Bioethanol fireplace - Spin

Price 145.18   137.92

Lantern / Bioethanol fireplace with stainless steel structure and borosilicate glass tube. SPIN fascinates your guests as a table fire, lantern or garden torch. A vortex of fire in a glass - in the middle of your table! How is the SPIN flame vortex created? It’s very simple: bioethanol burns in the glass cylinder, the flames rise and are made to rotate by three baffles. Odorless and smokeless, the lantern is a perfect decoration as a centerpiece, for your outdoor summer dinners and to create a warm atmosphere in your living room. With ground spike accessorise, it can also be placed in the lawn. The Fireplace will lend your next garden party a very special atmosphere as the eye-catcher of the evening. Available in 2 size.


Steel bio-fireplace - Minerva

Price 1,409.10   1,338.65

Minerva is a bio-fireplace that created a perfect and welcoming atmosphere, they transform any room into a place where emotions and well-being can be found. The cylinder structure is in steel, complete with a tube of glass to protect it from the flame.