To celebrate friendships, loves, affections and special occasions, choose...  

To celebrate friendships, loves, affections and special occasions, choose representative objects with exclusive design. The ISA Project team offers you an accurate selection of refined objects to celebrate your special moments with your people of the heart.

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Wooden christmas tree - Elmo

Price €122.00   €115.90

The Elmo Christmas tree represents with simplicity the symbol par excellence of Christmas. Finely carved in wood, it is a joyful object to give symbolically to the people of the heart or with whom to decorate your home.

Isa Selection

Abat Jour Lamp with usb socket for smartphone - Perry

Price 213,00 €   €161.00

Metal wall Abat Jour Lamp equipped with USB socket for charging smartphones and shelf to support your device while it charges. An element that contains everything you need close to the bed, from the light to the socket to recharge the phone, even in small spaces. Available in white or black color, the minimal and linear design adapts to any style.

Isa Selection

Christmas puppet in fabric - Snow

Price €84.18   €79.97

The Snow Christmas puppet is carefully crafted with details in fabric and birch branches. For those who love to decorate home and amaze young and old creating a magical Christmas atmosphere or as a joyful gift idea to discard under the Christmas tree.


Photo Clip Holder - My Frame

Price €75.64   €62.02

The photo clip holder stands out for its original design and its practicality and comfort with which it can be used. Its design is inspired by a clothesline, characterized by clothespins to which souvenir photos, cards and anything else that can remind you of happy moments spent together with friends and relatives can be attached. The My frame photo holder is perfect for decorating the entrance of your home or even your bedroom, thus creating an intimate corner where time has stopped.

Isa Selection

Wooden christmas tree - Klaus

Price €96.38   €91.56

The Klaus Christmas tree is finely made of bark and preserves in itself all the naturalness of the wood. A joyful object to symbolically give to the people of the heart or a detail with which to decorate their environments creating a magical three-dimensional effect.


Modern Heart-shaped Vase - Mon Amour

Price €595.00   €487.90

Mon Amour is not just a vase, it is a declaration of love! Perfect for decorating your garden with character, it fits easily even in large interiors, perhaps in a spacious living room with a modern style. The delicate lines of the structure made of polypropylene form an elegant red or white heart. Mon Amour is a versatile piece of furniture: during your pool parties, it becomes a practical bottle holder!

Isa Selection

Rocking horse in felt - Artax

Price €62.22   €59.11

The Artax rocking horse is finely made of soft felt. A tender and joyful object to symbolically give to the people of the heart or a detail with which to decorate their environments with a touch of Christmas magic.


Wall scratching post in aluminium and felt - Volto

Price €199.00

The aluminum and felt wall scratching post combines functionality and aesthetics in a space for your cat to scratch. Designed to add a touch of style to modern homes, it is available in two colors. Its elongated shape allows it to be easily positioned inside the house, taking advantage of even confined spaces. Your cat will never stop playing with it!

Isa Selection

Neon Led Light Dream Writing - Sogna

Price 95,00 €   €69.00

The neon led light dream writing is perfect for recreating a vintage and eccentric atmosphere, typical of 80s nightclubs and clubs, which are back in fashion even in modern and current environments. The word dream is ideal for decorating bedrooms or even extravagant living rooms with an underground style. Play with the words that best represent you and convey your dreamer message!


Heart-shaped Pouf in Fabric - Lempi

Price €776.00   €636.32

The pouf heart-shaped Lempi blends the romantic shape with a pop soul! The polyethylene structure is embellished with a soft fabric cover. The led inside wireless enhances the red of the pillow and gives the whole environment a touch of enveloping romance. The delicate but modern design makes Lempi fit gracefully into any domestic context. An essential, timeless piece of furniture.

Isa Selection

Storage basket in Bamboo and rope woven - Dora

Price €190.32   €180.80

A Storage basket with bamboo and banana weaving and rope handles, it is ideal for holding blankets, pillows, books, games and all the objects you use every day. The tropical chic style is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere with natural and enveloping tones. Available in Black and White colors and two sizes.

Metal Floor Lamp - Woody

Isa Selection

Metal Floor Lamp - Woody

Price 639,00 €   €411.00

Design floor lamp has a modern and unique style. The matt black metal structure gives elegance to the surrounding environment, while the black fabric lampshade softens the lighting of the lamp, thus creating a relaxed and engaging atmosphere.


Stackable Rectangular Storage Basket - Carry Me

Price €170.80

The rectangular stackable storage basket Carry Me is perfect for keeping your interior environment in order with practicality and style. Practical and durable, it is perfect for the living room or the bedroom: Carry Me can be used as a container for clothes, towels, magazines, and various items. A versatile basket, useful for every need! The structure is in natural rattan. The materials used are all top quality. The basket is stackable, lightweight, easy to move: an excellent space-saving solution!

Isa Selection

Christmas elk in fabric - Thyme

Price €115.90   €110.11

The Christmas elk Timo is carefully made of fabric and artificial fur. A joyful object with which to decorate your home and create a magical Christmas atmosphere or a soft gift idea to discard under the tree.