To celebrate friendships, loves, affections and special occasions, choose...  

To celebrate friendships, loves, affections and special occasions, choose representative objects with exclusive design. The ISA Project team offers you an accurate selection of refined objects to celebrate your special moments with your people of the heart.

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Smartphone music box - Ping

Price 39.04   33.18

Ping is a penguin with the desire to be a singer that turns into a music box for your smartphone. Listen to your music in freedom and when you want silence, Ping becomes an ironic and colorful design ornament.

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Neon Led Light Dream Writing - Sogna

Price 114,00 €   73.00

The neon led light dream writing is perfect for recreating a vintage and eccentric atmosphere, typical of 80s nightclubs and clubs, which are back in fashion even in modern and current environments. The word dream is ideal for decorating bedrooms or even extravagant living rooms with an underground style. Play with the words that best represent you and convey your dreamer message!


Stackable Storage Basket in Rattan - Carry Me

Price 244.00

The stackable storage basket Carry Me is the best solution to keep your indoor environment in order without sacrificing elegance. Practical and durable it is perfect for the living room or the bedroom. The structure is in natural rattan. The materials used are all top-quality. The basket is stackable, lightweight, easy to move: an excellent space-saving solution! Carry Me is a versatile and elegant piece of furniture that embellishes the environments in which it is placed!

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Reminder Photo Frame with Magnetized Panel

Price 131,00 €   99.00

The reminder photo frame with magnetized panel is the perfect item for those looking for a practical yet exciting pocket emptier. Thanks to the two frames and the magnetic panel you can personalize it with the best memories of your life and with the most useful and essential objects, necessary before leaving the house. In addition, thanks to the shelf you can store other objects and keep your hall even more tidy. With the key ring under the shelf you will no longer be able to forget the house keys before going out!


Double bowl for cat and dog in wood - Desco

Price 139.00

The double bowl for cats and dogs in wood is available in multiple sizes depending on the size of your pet. Inspired by Nordic design, they are perfect for decorating your modern home and meeting your pet's needs. The raised structure favors a correct position for your four-legged friend. Available in two sizes and four different colors to meet the needs and tastes of animals and owners!


Wireless Table Lamp Poldina Pro Mini rechargeable -...

Price 197.64   177.88

Poldina Mini Pro is a rechargeable wireless LED lamp in painted aluminum, available in multiple colors. The Poldina LED table lamp is equipped with a contact charging base and the battery life is guaranteed 9 hours. With a touch button you can turn the lamp on and off and with a little pressure you can choose the intensity of the light, in fact, the Poldina is dimmable, which means that you can choose between different degrees of brightness according to your preferences. Can be used indoors and outdoors, it is perfect for illuminating every corner of the house depending on the time of day, without annoying cables and sockets to fix.


Coffee Table in Metal and 100% Recycled PET - Fuffy

Price 299.00

The coffee table in metal and 100% recycled PET is the new piece of furniture you will fall in love with. This unique coffee table was created with the aim of satisfying more than one need. The cat can sleep comfortably in its kennel while you read a book or magazine or drink a drink. The practical handle will allow you to comfortably move the table if necessary. In addition, the cat bed, made of 100% recycled felt fiber obtained from plastic bottles, makes this unique object a promoter of environmental protection. Available in four different colors to suit any taste and decor.


Design Basket Storage - Becky

Price 99.00

The design storage basket can perform a double function: it can be used to organize the house neatly or it can become a comfortable refuge for your four-legged friend. The material with which it was made places innovation and sustainability at the center of attention, having been used fibers obtained from recycled bottles. The design still retains a unique and elegant style and the four colors available make this piece of furniture adaptable to any environment and personal taste.


Colored Coffee Table or Garden - Amore

Price 970.00   795.40

An outdoor coffee table, a declaration of love for your loved ones. The Amore coffee table furnishes your interiors and exteriors with character, creating the perfect mix between romance and a pop-soul. The polyethylene structure supports a refined tempered glass top. The bright colors do not lose intensity with the rays of the sun, rather they create a magical play of light. Modern style and top-quality materials make Amore fit gracefully into all domestic contexts: it is the main piece of furniture both in the garden and in the living room!

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Bright Christmas Snowflake E27, Led or Solar Energy...

Price 116,76 €   78.00

Snowflake, when are you coming snowing? The illuminated snowflake is an excellent decoration object in dark winter days and even withstands icy temperatures. If you are looking for suitable indoor or outdoor lighting not only at Christmas time, but all winter long, the Crystal is just right for you. Available in more versions: traditional system with bulb, Led Rgb with color light or rechargeable by solar light. 


Suspended Lantern in steel - Gravity

Price 61.00   57.95

Gravity is a lantern with special candle that maintains the horizontal position even when the support is turned. With its candlelit atmosphere it will give your rooms a magical aura. Turning the lantern upside down, the flame will go out in an instant. 

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Abat Jour Lamp with usb socket in metal - Luke

Price 261,00 €   178.00

Led table Lamp equipped with USB socket for charging smartphones and tablets. Touch switch, 3 levels of light intensity, minimal and clean lines for an essential and functional design at the same time. Ideal on the bedside table, on the desk or in the living room, to recharge your phone whenever you need it!

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Abat Jour Lamp with usb socket for smartphone - Perry

Price 213,00 €   168.00

Metal wall Abat Jour Lamp equipped with USB socket for charging smartphones and shelf to support your device while it charges. An element that contains everything you need close to the bed, from the light to the socket to recharge the phone, even in small spaces. Available in white or black color, the minimal and linear design adapts to any style.


Set of 2 Bread Boxes in Leather - Iole

Price 151.28   128.59

The set of 3 bread containers Iole is perfect for keeping bread in order in your pantry. Iole is functional and elegant at the same time. The structure is in top-quality regenerated leather. The soft leather of the structure can be rolled up to reach the desired size. Iole is a piece of furniture with a unique multi-purpose design: it adapts to any home environment. Iole is synonymous with elegance and practicality!

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Christmas Lamp Star-shaped E27, Led or Solar Energy...

Price 133,56 €   79.50

The stars, the small points of light in the sky and life that delight the soul and the heart. Star is a star-shaped Christmas lamp, whether as a single item or in combination, whether as a child's light or festive decorative element, nobody can resist the sparkle of these luminous objects and the ambience created! Available in more sizes and lighting types.


Heart Armchair in Resin in Polyethylene - Agatha

Price 325.74   293.17

The armchair Agatha has been designed to make children happy. Furnish your children’s bedroom with this nice and comfortable resin armchair with a modern design. Agatha is made with high-quality materials. Give your indoor and outdoor environments a touch of color!


Luxury Cat bed - Perla

Price 299.00

The luxury cat bed is handcrafted and designed for the needs of the cat. The particular teardrop shape allows your four-legged friend to feel safe and to relax comfortably. Thanks to its simple and elegant design, the natural rattan bed turns out to be a stylish piece of furniture for your home. The interweaving of the ropes also protects your trusty pet from UV rays and makes the kennel resistant to stains and bacteria. The comfortable pillow is the icing on the cake for your cat to relax.

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Storage Pouf in Velvet Pink, Black or Grey - Chic

Price 91.50   86.93

The storage pouf in velvet is a pouf with a gold painted steel base with a modern and elegant design. Its minimal style allows it to be combined with different environments and to complete the living area furnishings in an original way. Thanks to the presence of the internal container it is possible to store small cushions, blankets or even magazines inside, in order to keep your living room tidy and ready to welcome guests and friends. Available in pink, gray and black.