About us

Our mission is to support individuals
and professionals in furnishing projects.

From the first spark of inspiration to the finishing touches of the last details, we at Isa Project are available to assist you, advise you and provide you with a service tailored to your needs.

We have selected for you the best of Italian and international design and we are constantly updated on new market trends and style innovations to help you and advise you in the choice of elements, colors and materials.

We at Isa Project supply personalized service and constant assistance during all phases, ensuring the advantage and convenience of communicating with a single interlocutor.

Our goal is to make our clients saving time by taking care of all the intermediate steps, from the project to the final realization.

sa Project is based on the abilities of each of us, who work in symbiosis.

Teamwork is our strength: we approach each project in a synergic way, to be able to give a complete service, in the sign of quality and efficiency.

Our team is here:

  • Carla Gesualdi – CEO & Co-founder
  • Salvatore Usella – Project Manager & Co-founder
  • Giovanni Zadi – Co-founder
  • Marzia Perucca – E-commerce Coordinator
  • Alice Usella – Sales Office
  • Alessandra Regoli – Interior Designer
  • Elisabetta Pes – Architect