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Completed Tables with Top

Completed Top Tables: Captivating Design, Fulfilling Experience

The carefully curated collection of completed tables with top by ISAProject aims to add a touch of design and class to your hotel, bar, or restaurant. If you're looking to transform your space with elegance and practicality, you're in the right place. Thanks to renowned brands like Scub, Gaber, Orme, or Atmosphera, we can find the perfect solution for your needs. Explore a myriad of options, including round bar tables, square bar tables, tall bar tables, coffee tables, stackable tables, and side tables.

Round Bar Tables for Comfortable Atmospheres

Our selection of round bar tables is designed to bring a sense of conviviality and intimacy to your establishment, be it a bar or restaurant. The round tabletops facilitate direct and more welcoming interactions, ensuring all participants have a direct view while excluding outsiders from the conversation. Ideal for bars or restaurants with limited space or for outdoor setups, these tables add a sophisticated and elegant touch. 

Square Bar Tables for Modern Geometric Design

The square bar tables we carefully select at ISAProject aim to introduce you to the beauty of order and linearity. Clean lines and minimal, modern designs make these tables perfect for furnishing with practicality without sacrificing aesthetics. Modern aesthetics combined with geometric style are the right choice for impactful decor.

Tall Bar Tables: New Heights of Elegance

Tall bar tables are perfect for cocktail parties and special events. Fully customizable, from finishes to dimensions, these tables are ideal for adding a chic and refined touch to your venue, both indoors and outdoors. Tall bar tables are suitable for furnishing less formal spaces, creating a welcoming and intimate atmosphere.

Coffee and Stackable Tables: Design for Dynamic Spaces

Coffee tables are not just decorative pieces but protagonists of your relaxation moments. Various captivating and practical designs blend aesthetics with functionality. Stackable tables are ideal, allowing you to furnish spaces of varying sizes and then easily store them, occupying minimal space. Both coffee and stackable tables are fully customizable, from finishes to dimensions, meeting any requirement.

Side Tables: Small Details for a Unique and Inimitable Style

The side tables selected by ISAProject add that touch of elegance and style that defines perfect decor. Various designs and finishes allow you to navigate through different styles, adapting them to your every need. Side tables are the ideal choice for furnishing your bar, restaurant, or hotel uniquely and inimitably, ensuring style and practicality in every corner of your venue.

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