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Storage Furniture: Organize and Optimize Space!

The storage furniture handpicked by ISAProject is the perfect solution if you're aiming for an organized and functional environment. From chests of drawers to wardrobes, from bookshelves to shelves, we offer an extensive array of storage solutions that will help you maintain order and optimize space, meticulously crafted for design and functionality down to the smallest detail.

Office Drawers for Desks - Order and Style

Office drawers for desks are the ideal choice for keeping your documents and essential items within arm's reach. Equipped with various drawers and compartments, these office drawers not only offer significant storage space but also add style and elegance to your desk and office décor. Fully customizable, from width to height, colors to materials, ISAProject's office drawers will satiate your craving for elegance and practicality. You'll never misplace anything again!

File Cabinets and Lockers - Everything Under Control

ISAProject has also taken into account broader storage solutions, selecting a wide range of versatile and adaptable file cabinets and lockers suitable for any setting. With dedicated compartments and adjustable shelves, these pieces of furniture allow you to maintain everything under control in an orderly and accessible manner. Need to secure your personal belongings? Locker cabinets are the right solution: solid and robust, they offer ample storage space for precious items or small garments. If your need is to archive personal or financial documents, file cabinets are perfect for the purpose. A solution for every requirement!

Office Bookshelves and Shelves - Display and Store

Office bookshelves and shelves offer a perfect space to showcase your books, decorative items, or work materials. With modern and practical designs, these solutions are ideal for maintaining order throughout the office, without occupying space on desks. At ISAProject, we've curated a variety of designs for bookshelves and shelves, from classic bookshelves to modular options, precisely catering to any of your needs, both economic and practical. Office shelves are the finest choice if you need to display small or lightweight items, while bookshelves allow you to exhibit a greater quantity of catalogs, decorative objects, and documents, keeping everything within reach.

Locker and Wardrobe Furniture - Comprehensive Organization

What about personal spaces? At ISAProject, we've also thought to provide a catalog of locker and wardrobe furniture that will aid you in keeping clothes and accessories in order. From standard solutions to those compliant with dirty/clean standards, you'll find the perfect wardrobe to meet your organizational needs. ISAProject's locker and wardrobe furniture are also fully customizable, offering a range from space-saving products, perfect for those in need of shallow cabinets, to stacked compartment wardrobes. Benches for changing rooms are ideal for locations like gyms and schools, offering linear benches with substantial storage space and benches equipped with coat racks!

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