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Pendant Lights

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Bla Bla suspension lamp

Price €519.00

BlaBla is a fun and engaging lamp, a tribute to conviviality, be together, the pleasure of talking, through the reinterpretation of a pop icon.


Granny suspended lamp in wool

Price €270.00

Granny is a suspended lamp in fireproof wool, a childhood memory that translates into the manual processing of woven wool produced by a small family business in Tyrol. A manufacturing production rather than an industrial one, each lamp can in fact be traced back to the flock which the wool originates. 


Metal suspension lamp - To Be

Price €565.00
To_Be is a mechanical chandelier with a strong industrial inspiration, derived from a crushed pipe and deformed by the mechanical bending, laser cutting and welding.


Oru, copper suspension lamp

Price €3,917.00

The lamp, thanks to its particular finish, is suitable to be installed in private and public environments. Ideal for contract projects and to make the surroundings unique and precious.


Pendant Lamp - Beluga Royal

Price €583.00

The Pendant Lamp Beluga Royal is a very elegant and luxurious design object thanks to the particular glass finishes and the metallic effect that produces with light. They can be placed in the living room of the house or in very large public spaces if you think in suggestive sets of combined lamps.


Pendant Lamp - Beluga White

Price €229.00

The Beluga White single pendant lamp has a modern design and is suitable for any environment. It is perfect for the kitchen or the living room in the home or the dining room of a restaurant or bar.



Pendant Lamp Beluga Steel

Price €234.00

Pendant lamp with a modern and elegant design. The light produced is punctual downwards and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the environment. It is perfect for the kitchen or the tables of a restaurant or bar.