A beautiful picture on the wall, the enveloping atmosphere of a lantern, a frame...  

A beautiful picture on the wall, the enveloping atmosphere of a lantern, a frame with your photos of the heart, sometimes it takes very little to make a house cozy and full of personality. ISA Project offers refined objects with which to communicate your essence.

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Isa Selection

Indoor / Outdoor Self Watering Planter - Barney

Price  €9.00

The indoor / outdoor self-watering planter is a perfect solution for nature lovers who want to furnish their home with style. Its essential and elegant design makes this vase a real piece of furniture. The self-watering function is perfect for those who want to enjoy a weekend away from home.

Isa Selection

Self Watering Planter - Fred

Price  €53.00

The self-watering planter is the perfect solution for those who want to cultivate the passion of the green thumb without having to sacrifice the style of their home. Essential and decisive design, with legs made of solid wood to recall nature and its elements.


Lantern / Cachepot in glass and aluminium - Lightbox

Price  €170.00

Lightbox is a lantern / glass and black aluminum cachepot; its essential and elegant style suits perfectly minimal or Nordic locations. You can use it as a candle holder or to contain plants and flowers. Its tempered glass and aluminium make it perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Squared Lantern / Cachepot in glass - Lightbox

Price  €120.00

Lightbox is a lantern / squared glass and black aluminum cachepot, it's a modern and elegant accessory to decorate your spaces. It fits perfectly both indoor spaces and balconies or gardens. You can use it as a candle holder to to create atmosphere and highlight corners or to hold your plants and flowers.


Separè with leather net - Sunrise

Price  €518.00

The Sunrise divider harmoniously combines elegance and practicality. The fine mesh made of leather and the solid metal structure make it a discreet and functional accessory, ideal to furnish and organize any space. High-quality materials and a wide range of bespoke colours for residential or contract furniture.