Living the outdoor at 360° means equipping it with the right equipment to carry out...  

Living the outdoor at 360° means equipping it with the right equipment to carry out any outdoor activity: cooking your lunches with outdoor kitchens, living your evenings with the heat of the braziers or relaxing in the shade of umbrellas and gazebos.

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Outdoor kitchen with gas bbq - Sant'elena

Price €6,545.00

Sant'elena is a modular outdoor kitchen developed on the idea of bring together the functionality of traditional cuisine and the intense taste of the barbecue. A series of versatile elements, with a minimal and linear design, which guarantees maximum performance for your outdoor kitchen.


Beer Box bottle rack/barbecue/stool in steel

Price €113.00

Beer Box was born as a box for bottle in corten steel to transform itself into a brazier for a barbecue or comfortable stool. Imagine going out for a picnic, bringing the beers in the crate, lighting the fire with the cardboard inside and grill a good steak. Wouldn't it be great? 


Ellipse barbecue/brazier in corten steel

Price €218.00

Ellipse, barbecue/brazier in solid corten steel, surprising for its rounded and sweet shapes. It can be placed in the middle when friends find themselves in front of the fire or can be take the role of barbecue for outdoor grilling. The upper part can be rotated by emptying the ash in the base and thus extinguishing the flames. 


Cube barbecue/brazier/stool in steel

Price €265.00

Cube is an original steel creation that reinterprets the world of barbecue. Three objects in one: a barbecue for your outdoor grilling, a brazier to create atmosphere and comfortable stool / table when inside it does not burn anything. 


Cone barbecue in stainless steel

Price €664.00

Cone is a charcoal barbecue in steel, designed to offer the best aesthetic and functional design to accompany your grilling in the company. Thanks to the side level you can adjust the heat the effective way by bringing the embers closer or further away from the food. 


Discolo wood-burning fire pit in steel

Price €830.00

Discolo is a wood-burning fire pit in steel, flexible and eclectic, ideal for bonfires, barbecues and suggestive atmospheres. Thanks to the design and practical accessories such as the tripod and carrying cover, it adapts to every need. 


Hole countersunk wood-burning fire pit in steel

Price €2,757.00

Hole is a countersunk wood-burning fire pit in steel, where the charm of fire is in a reserved niche, that is animated when the flame is lit and is camouflaged with environment when is off. Hole can be installed anywhere and in any kind of external surface. 


Zero wood-burning outdoor fire pit in steel

Price €4,331.00

Zero is a wood-burning outdoor fire pit in steel, designed for special outdoor moments, a good sized group of people can gather round a fireplace creating a convivial focal point. Design and art blend to present an fireplace with simple and strong character.