Bookcases & shelves

To adorn your walls with extremely practical and refined furnishing accessories, ISA...  

To adorn your walls with extremely practical and refined furnishing accessories, ISA Project offers you a rich collection of bookcases and shelves. Spacious, robust and functional, each proposal is designed to contain and display your objects with elegance.

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Bookcases & shelves

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Urban bookcase in polyethylene

Price €535.85

Urban is a bookcase, usable in any verse, the Urban bookcase, meets the needs of space in any environment, from the living room to the kids bedroom. Made of polyethylene and available in different colors. 


Mamè metal corner etagere

Price €916.00

Mamà stands out for its ability to be almost invisible, resting on the wall and creating an optical illusion. Elegant, versatile and functional: Mamà suits to any environment and contains books, and objects.


Musa metal wall shelf

Price €178.00

Musa is a set of signs that create a shelf, a set of metal lines that create planes, circumscribe niches, determine a perimeter around objects.
With Musa you can always create different configurations by fixing it to the wall rotating it while still remaining itself.


Container shelf in steel - Vasu

Price €141.00

A sheet, with simple creases, becomes a container which can also be a shelf. The handles can be used to move it where it is desired but also to allow a simple wedging in order to stack them, one over the other, and create an "infinite" library.


Sendai bookcase in aluminium/glass and wood

Price €3,703.00

Sendai is a bookcase with a perfect balance between shapes, suspensions and materials. Almost a sculpture, which embodies the typical lightness of oriental philosophy. The shelves are available in aluminium or glass, the frame is in solid wood. 


Wall metal shelf - Alma

Price €260.00

Alma is a series of wall metal shelf, linear and minimal, available in different sizes to create harmonic wall compositions. For greater customization it is possible to insert fabric panels inside the modules.