Coat Racks

The hangers are certainly among those furnishing accessories of great use. Perfect...  

The hangers are certainly among those furnishing accessories of great use. Perfect to be placed at the entrance of the house, the shapes and elongated lines ISA Project give elegance to the rooms and create the right welcome for you and your guests.

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Coat Racks

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Leather coat hanger - Guapa

Price €273.00

Guapa coat hanger communicates its strong personality thanks to a refined design and the choice of alternative materials. The solid structure on three legs and the leather cover make it a stylish accessory with which to embellish modern furnishings and attention to detail.


Leather coat hanger - Apelle TREE

Price €199.00

The Apelle TREE coat stand represents the perfect synthesis between design and functionality. The essential design and the choice of alternative materials make it an accessory with a strong personality and a refined detail to embellish their environments.


Alla Scala solid wood hanger/lamp

Price €660.00

Alla Scala held a number of different functions, LED lamp, coat and even a real ladder leaning against the wall or fixed to the floor, making a decorative element, certainly unusual but undoubtedly of great impact.


Match solid wood coat rack

Price €814.00

Match is a coat rack that wants to remind the match consumed by flame. Six wooden sticks joined together to make a practical coat stand. A hanger ironic that decorate your room with playful style.


Wall hanger -Birds on Wire

Price €194.00

The Birds On Wire coat rack borrows its shape from, well, birds on a wire. Every day on his commute into New York City, the designer passes under wires filled with hundreds of birds. He sought to capture this beautiful sight in a product.