ISA Project suggests a precious selection of mirrors designed to infuse light and...  

ISA Project suggests a precious selection of mirrors designed to infuse light and beauty in every corner of the house. Soft and fluid shapes become bright points in harmony with your furniture. Play with light and its reflections and creates an irresistible atmosphere.

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Wall mirror in three measurements - Peek

Price 557.54   418.16

The Peek mirror, soft and minimal, fits with extreme versatility in different contexts. The surface follows three different shapes able to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding furnishings. A polite accessory and a light point to embellish your walls.

Isa Selection

Hallway unit with mirror and coat hanger - Jack

Price 593,00 €   398.00

Design and practicality are the keywords for an impeccable entrance! Create your ideal space thanks to the multifunctional hallway furniture: shelves and pocket emptier shelves, coat hangers and round mirror, everything you need before leaving home in the morning and as soon as you come back in the evening. Can you do without a neat and functional entrance?


Round Leather Wall Mirror - Corium

Price 646.60   549.61

The wall mirror Corium is the perfect piece of furniture for your bedroom, bathroom, or hall: the high-quality regenerated leather of the frame and buckle embraces unbroken glass. The leather makes this element extremely modern and suitable for elegant environments. Corium is available in seven colors. A versatile, functional, charming mirror!