The high containers called more commonly "cupboards", have the advantage of...  

The high containers called more commonly "cupboards", have the advantage of exploiting the height to obtain the maximum containment even in confined spaces, without sacrificing aesthetics. In wood, lacquered or with doors and drawers,  to each style of furniture its model.

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Storage cabinet covered by paper sheets - Notes

Price €1,895.00

Notes is a storage cabinet for every need, thought for those who want a personal design. This storage cabinet is made of mdf with metal base. The characteristic of this item is the cover, the sides and the frontside are covered with overlapping and interchangeable white sheet A4.


Zoom metal cupboard

Price €2,751.00

Zoom, with MDF structure lacquered in all colors as per sample or in mahogany feather and metal frame lacquered black or bronze patinated.
Both containers have a linear and geometric design with open and closed volumes. Elegant and contemporary they adapt to any environment with a strong identity.


Sideboard Sangiacomo - Incontro

Price €1,102.00

Incontro is a collection of sideboards interpreted in a contemporary style with front panels 20 mm or 35 mm thick, with different finishes. This allows the broadest specifications: tonal or contrast, according to the colours and materials.