Oval Tables

Oval Tables

The oval dining table is an excellent space-saving solution for its ergonomic and...  

The oval dining table is an excellent space-saving solution for its ergonomic and practical shape that allows you to add a seat to the table without any problem. Always a cult, it is the ideal solution for those who love to stand out with a design detail.

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Oval Tables

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Oval dining/meeting table - Nexus

Price €2,899.00

The table Nexus is characterized by an elegant design and the combination of fine materials. The large top finished in glass or ceramic gives a timeless elegance to an extremely authoritative and scenographic top. It fits harmoniously into different contexts such as offices, meeting rooms or refined living areas.


Oval table with marble top - Barbara

Price €4,954.00

Barbara is a oval table with marble top, inspired by relationship between man, environment and material. The sculptural form, the generous dimensions and precious materials give a luxurious and contemporary look.  


Oval or round extendable table - Link

Price €1,806.00

The extendable table Link encloses in a small space extreme elegance and practicality. Large floor convertible according to the needs and refined lines make it an ideal piece of furniture for small spaces with attention to detail.


Round/oval wooden table - Forest

Price €2,047.00

Forest table stands out for its discreet and elegant design. The wide circular/oval top and the solid structure inspired by the branches of a tree make it a furnishing complement with a particularly refined line. It fits harmoniously into classic or modern environments, giving natural character and refinement.


Table with glass/ceramic top - Moonlight

Price €1,828.00

Sinuous lines and precious materials make the Moonlight table an extremely spectacular piece of furniture. Apparently heavy but light thanks to its baydur base, Moonlight harmoniously aligns with modern furnishings, giving an inevitable refinement and attention to detail.