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Zafferano offers thirty years of experience in the field of lighting and artistic glass processing. Creativity and design Made in Italy.

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Poldina Pro rechargeable LED lamp - Zafferano

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Poldina Pro is a rechargeable cordless LED lamp in painted aluminum, available in multiple colors. The Poldina LED table lamp is equipped with a contact charging base and the battery life is guaranteed 9 hours. With a touch button you can turn the lamp on and off and with a little pressure you can choose the intensity of the light, in fact, the Poldina is dimmable, which means that you can choose between different degrees of brightness according to your preferences. Can be used indoors and outdoors, it is perfect for illuminating every corner of the house depending on the time of day, without annoying cables and sockets to fix.

Suspension Lamp in Glass - Giulietta
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Suspension Lamp in Glass - Giulietta

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The Giulietta lamp is a glass suspension lamp with an innovative and brilliant design. The lamp is made with fine hand-blown glass with a "balloton" relief finish. Its particular shape gives dynamism and movement to the surrounding environment, while the glass construction, combined with the light of the bulb, creates a harmonious play of light and shadow that spreads throughout the room. The wide range of colors and the two glass variants available (transparent and metallic) allow you to customize the Giulietta lamp according to your tastes and the style of your home. Listen to your instincts and free your imagination!