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Modern Bench for Garden - Amore

Price 529.00   433.78

The garden bench Amore is the result of the fusion of design and romance. The rounded lines of the polyethylene structure and the use of top-quality materials, resistant to weather and sun rays, make the outdoor bench the undisputed star of your home decor. Choose the color that best matches your ideal environment and pamper your family and friends with this comfortable seat. There will be no need for many words, just look down: Amore!


Colored Coffee Table or Garden - Amore

Price 970.00   795.40

An outdoor coffee table, a declaration of love for your loved ones. The Amore coffee table furnishes your interiors and exteriors with character, creating the perfect mix between romance and a pop-soul. The polyethylene structure supports a refined tempered glass top. The bright colors do not lose intensity with the rays of the sun, rather they create a magical play of light. Modern style and top-quality materials make Amore fit gracefully into all domestic contexts: it is the main piece of furniture both in the garden and in the living room!


Heart-shaped Pouf in Fabric - Lempi

Price 517.28   424.17

The pouf heart-shaped Lempi blends the romantic shape with a pop soul! The polyethylene structure is embellished with a soft fabric cover. The led inside wireless enhances the red of the pillow and gives the whole environment a touch of enveloping romance. The delicate but modern design makes Lempi fit gracefully into any domestic context. An essential, timeless piece of furniture.


Design Table Lamp - Love

Price 180.56   148.06

The heart-shaped table lamp Love is the perfect gift idea for your loved one. The heart-shaped design of the polyethylene structure makes Love feel at home in any domestic context: it gently decorates the children’s room, gives a touch of charm to the living room, and welcomes your loved ones on a console table at the entrance. Love is the perfect mix of modern style and a timeless romance


Modern Heart-shaped Vase - Mon Amour

Price 517.28   424.17

Mon Amour is not just a vase, it is a declaration of love! Perfect for decorating your garden with character, it fits easily even in large interiors, perhaps in a spacious living room with a modern style. The delicate lines of the structure made of polypropylene form an elegant red or white heart. Mon Amour is a versatile piece of furniture: during your pool parties, it becomes a practical bottle holder!

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