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Clever produces custom-made children's bedrooms and space-saving transformable solutions.

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Modular Wall with TV Cabinet and Bed - Amalfi

Price 3,379.40

The wall with retractable bed Amalfi is the perfect solution to optimize your spaces without neglecting elegance. The soft sofa, at night, becomes a practical and soft double bed. Ideal for the home office, Amalfi "hides" a desk that can be used as a dining table!


Transformable Composition for Apartment - Positano

Price 1,800.00

The transformable composition Positano is the ideal solution to furnish a studio or small spaces without neglecting the taste. Made up of three different but complementary compositions, Positano meets all your needs! The transformable composition is practical during the day with the sofa, TV cabinet and study corner and comfortable at night with a soft double bed!


Composition with Wardrobe, Folding Desk and Single...

The wardrobe with desk and foldaway single bed is the perfect solution to optimize space, without sacrificing comfort and design. This wall unit with built-in wardrobe, foldaway single bed and folding desk will allow you to keep the room in perfect order, using the various elements when needed and saving space by closing them for other occasions. Space-saving solution for studios and small spaces, customizable in size, colors and finishes.

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