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Rexite is a brand that has been operating for years in design furnishings for work and home environments. Original and bizzarre objects and accessories such as chairs, tables, coat hangers, clocks and modular system.

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Folding Trolley - T-Tap

Price €469.00

The folding trolley T-Tap combines elegance and functionality thanks to an essential design and attention to detail. Its practical closing system makes it an ideal space-saving piece of furniture for any context.


Pendulum wall clock - Bubble

Price €177.00

The multicolored bubbles play with the hands, making the Bubble pendulum clock an extravagant and design accessory. Ideal to customize your spaces with a touch of color and personality.


Pendulum wall clock - Contrattempo

Price €183.00

The large dial, the clean design and the choice of refined materials make the Contrampo pendulum watch a versatile and whimsical accessory. Perfect to furnish your work spaces through a detail that gives order and personality.


Swivel chair on wheels - Olivia

Price €296.00

The wheeled version turns this seat into the ideal solution for the office. Practical and functional, the mobile base is designed to optimize and facilitate everyday operations, combining ergonomics and sophisticated design.


Swivel chair with armrests - Olivia

Price €345.00

The seat with armrests is an advantageous detail designed to support the posture and face the days of work without excessive effort. Ergonomics and design sign a must-have for the furnishing of young and dynamic work spaces.


Wall pendulum clock - Inverno

Price €177.00

For those who love to embellish their spaces with a refined detail, ISA Project offers an accessory with an extremely clean and essential design. Elegant in its simplicity, Winter gives order and modernity to the environments.