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Colorful or Bright Ornament - Biggie

Price 31.72   26.96

The modern colored ornament recalls the figure of a great tit and is perfect for decorating your home in an original and unique way. The colored version of the ornament adds joy to the interior home furnishings, while the bright version, in addition to being a real design element, also adds a lighting function to the surrounding environment, thus creating a play of light and shadow.

Plust collection

Mushroom Shaped Design Vase - Boyo

Price 689.30   585.91

The mushroom-shaped design vase is a vase with soft shapes that resemble a small mushroom and is available both in the white colored base version or in the bright version, both for indoor and outdoor environments. Its unique and fun design makes this piece of furniture perfect for those who want to dare more and have fun in decorating their home or garden. The Boyo vase is suitable for modern environments with an eccentric style.

Plust collection

Indoor/Outdoor Design Vase - Buba

Price 573.40   487.39

The indoor / outdoor design vase is a slender vase, ideal for decorations on the side of an entrance or a path. In the luminous version it creates high-impact and suggestive soft light situations, thus giving life to a unique and intimate atmosphere. The Buba vase is ideal for giving an original and enviable touch to your home or garden. The vase is available in four versions: base, lacquered, metallic or bright. You just have to choose the version that best suits your home. This is the piece of furniture that will leave your guests speechless and that they can only envy you!

Plust collection

Cactus Shaped Vase in Polyethylene - Cactus

Price 646.60   549.61

The cactus-shaped vase is a vase with two small plant compartments obtained from the stylized shape of a cactus with a stable base, ideal for characterizing indoor and outdoor environments with originality. Thanks to its fluid shape it gives movement to the surrounding environment, becoming the nice protagonist of your home. Impress your guests with this unique and inimitable piece of furniture.

Plust collection

Glass Shaped Vase - Cubalibre

Price 591.70   502.95

The glass-shaped vase is a vase that is inspired by the classic tambler glass and is suitable for large plants. Its cheerful, surprising and casual style is suitable for convivial situations. The Cubalibre vase is perfect both to complete the outdoor furniture of your garden, and to give a unique and original touch to the interiors.

Plust collection

Design High Vase - Diamond

Price 134.20   114.07

The Diamond Plust vase is a vase with clean and essential lines that recall the cut of precious stones. A perfect piece of furniture in environments with a contemporary taste and ideal for breaking up the monotony of environments and giving a unique touch to your home. Available in two sizes and in the lacquered version. Choose the perfect combination for your home!

Plust collection

Large Indoor and Outdoor Vase in Polyethylene - Drop

Price 237.90   202.22

The large indoor and outdoor vase is a vase with simple and soft shapes, perfect when combined in contrast with succulent plants or decorative dry branches. Its minimal and essential design blends perfectly with modern environments. The Drop vase can be placed both indoors, thus giving a touch of green to the house, and outdoors, completing the garden furniture with a design element.

Plust collection

High Colored Vase in Polyethylene - Moai

Price 219.60   186.66

The high colored vase is a slender vase with a fluid and dynamic shape. Its soft silhouette gives movement to its surroundings, making this case perfect for modern environments. Moai is available in two sizes, which marry perfectly with each other but which can also be lived individually. This design vase goes perfectly with modern furnishings and an eccentric style and can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Play with its sinuous shapes to create unique and original spaces.

Plust collection

Bright Vase for Outdoor - Nicole

Price 616.10   523.69

The luminous outdoor vase is a double compartment vase with a fluid and dynamic shape that can be positioned in one direction or upside down. The Nicole vase creates a magical and unique atmosphere during the evening hours, illuminating the external environment and highlighting the spaces and other furnishing accessories. This designer luminous vase is perfect for making the poolside area or the entrance to your home more elegant. Complete the decor of your garden to spend magical nights in the company of friends and relatives. The vase is available with both indoor and outdoor light kits.

Plust collection

Indoor and Outdoor Colored Vase - Nicole

Price 311.10   264.44

The indoor / outdoor colored vase is a double compartment vase with a fluid and dynamic shape, which allows you to position it in one direction or upside down. Its minimal and essential design makes this design vase suitable for modern environments. Available in colored or lacquered version, for an effective visual impact.

Plust collection

Floating Vase / Storage Compartment - Ninfea

Price 140.30   119.26

Ninfea is a floating vase available in two sizes. Perfect in outdoor contexts such as swimming pools or hot tubs where it can also be used as a floating container for drinks and objects. This floating vase is the must have for those who love comfort and design in any corner of the house.

Plust collection

Design Vase in Polyethylene - Saving Space

Price 359.90   305.92

The design polyethylene vase is characterized by its irregular shape with a "crumpled" effect, which gives a sensation of movement and fluidity. Available in four different colors, it is perfect for decorating large interior spaces of the house and thus giving a unique and extravagant touch to the surrounding environment. This uniquely designed vase is perfect for hosts who want to be more daring and leave their guests speechless!

Plust collection

Ornament in Polyethylene - Draghetto

Price 31.72   26.96

Draghetto is a polyethylene ornament, colorful and fun, and it is proof that dragons are not always monsters to fight. Adventure companions for young and old alike, they furnish home and office spaces with irony. Available in two sizes and in a wide range of colors to furnish the house with liveliness and joy.

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