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Nomon is the company specialized in the creation of handcrafted wall clocks, the synthesis of a creative and design process. Their articles are not simple time markers, but real furnishing accessories with a unique and inimitable style. Creativity, design and technology are the essential pillars on which the artistic thinking of Nomon watches is based.

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Wall Clocks Mini Bilbao

Price 695.00

Mini Bilbao is characterized by a thin and minimalist design, designed by experts who wanted to make this beautiful clock a new, new-before-seen accessory. Mini Bilbao is the small version of Bilbao.


Wall Clocks Atomo

Price 109.00

Atomo seems to be the classic alarm clock the ur parent had on the bedside table. In fact, its design is inspired by the alarms of the past. The Atomo clock combines perfection with the table clock version.


Table Clocks Atomo

Price 146.00

Who wouldn't like to have this beautiful clock on your bedside table?

Atom is the small Noon table clock, it's made by walnut wood with painted frontal face.


Wall Clock Barcelona

Price 1,043.00

Barcelona is an elegant, refined, original and compact watch that if it's placed on a white wall, you will not use anything else, because it self will make you wall full of character.


Wall Clock Mixto

Price 481.00

Mixto is the modern watch for excellence.  It is suitable for those who want to have a design clock without weighing the wall on which it will hang.

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