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Acquafuoco is a young, dynamic and innovative Italian company, famous for the design and production of 100% Made in Italy chard fireplaces. Acquafuoco fireplaces combine practicality with a refined aesthetic sense and have a dual purpose: they heat the environment without emissions of toxic substances and furnish with taste any context.

Wall fireplaces: models and features

The wall-mounted fireplaces, made of painted steel, are the ideal solution for heating and furnishing small rooms: the heat and the prevenient light of the walls guarantee a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. Practicality and class. The design of the Flame Wall beet fireplace, also available in the floor version, recalls a large flame that releases heat from its interior recreating an effect of light and shadows enveloping it, fascinating.
The fireplace Tube instead combines tradition and innovation: the slender shape recalls the Roman torches revisited in a modern way. The result is a functional and elegant piece of furniture.

Bio-Fireplaces to ground

From the ground or from the table, the bio fireplaces to ground to create a convivial atmosphere, perfect to brighten an evening with friends. The extravagant or simple shapes are accompanied by the choice of high-quality materials that meet any need: the ceramic or marble beet fireplaces fit with character in refined and elegant environments, and Steel wire ones decorate with grace more informal and intimate environments.

Beetroot fireplaces, a sustainable choice

The company Acquafuoco makes fire the protagonist of our daily life and does so in a sustainable way, reducing waste and harmful emissions in the air. Bioethanol, resulting from the fermentation of vegetable waste, produces smoke-free combustion containing only carbon dioxide, water vapor and heat. Acquafuoco has succeeded in the arduous mission of respecting the planet without neglecting functionality and aesthetics.

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Floor bio-fireplace in steel - Big Flame

Price 2,391.20   2,152.08

Big Flame is a bio-fireplace with elegance and sinuous lines that draws a flame shape which releases heat from the inside succeeding to instill a relaxing and enjoyable warmth in environments where it is placed. The structure is in painted steel, available in more colours. 


Bio-fireplace in steel - Flame Wall

Price 1,171.20   1,054.08

Flame Wall is a steel bio-fireplace with elegance and sinuous lines that draws a flame shape which releases heat from the inside succeeding to instill a relaxing and enjoyable warmth in environments where it is placed. 


Wall bio-fireplace in steel - Tube

Price 1,037.00   933.30

Tube, wall bio-fireplace, is the result of combinations of technology and history that has a created a pieces of furniture that recalls the ancient roman torches, reviewed in a modern way. The final effect is scenic and fascinating, as an art painting in your living room. 


Steel bio-fireplace - Minerva

Price 1,573.80   1,495.11

Minerva is a bio-fireplace that created a perfect and welcoming atmosphere, they transform any room into a place where emotions and well-being can be found. The cylinder structure is in steel, complete with a tube of glass to protect it from the flame. 


Steel Bioethanol Fireplace with Table - Minerva table

Price 2,098.40   1,888.56

The bioethanol fireplace with table is equipped with a table that creates the perfect convivial and welcoming atmosphere, transforming your space into a place of emotions and well-being. The cylindrical structure is made of sheet steel with a glass tube to protect the flame. Thanks to the table you can organize comfortable aperitifs with friends during the cold winter days. The hot soul of the party has already arrived, only the guests are missing!


Recessed electric burner in steel - Player

Price 3,733.20

Player is a range of electric recessed burners in stainless steel, with remote control of switching on and off and regulation of the flame. They can fit into traditional fireplaces, spaces created inside furniture and accessories or in any customized project to meet your needs.  

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