Bio-fireplace in steel - Flame Wall


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Bioethanol 2,5 liters
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Technical features of the Bio-fireplace in Steel

  • Dimensions: L. 50 x P.18 x H.72 cm
  • Structure: black powder painted steel 
  • Burner: Circular 12 in stainless steel
  • Fuel: bioethanol
  • Burning time: 3 - 4 h
  • Heating power: 1,8 kW
  • Equipped with stainless steel flame suppressor
  • No smell and smoke / No flue or chimney needed / No maintenance needed 

Flame Wall is a steel bio-fireplace with elegance and sinuous lines that draws a flame shape which releases heat from the inside succeeding to instill a relaxing and enjoyable warmth in environments where it is placed. 

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Technical features

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