Indulge in the luxury of a cosy and design outdoor space, just like you dream of....  

Indulge in the luxury of a cosy and design outdoor space, just like you dream of. Sofas and armchairs, tables and chairs, sun loungers and refined accessories designed to make your outdoor an oasis of well-being and sharing with your people of the heart.

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Square folding table - Arket Plus


Square folding table - Arket Plus

Price €313.00

Arket Plus outdoor folding table furnishes home environments with simple and functional geometries. The reclining square top available in different colours and the solid base with adjustable feet make it a practical and versatile piece of furniture. Arket Plus easily aligns with interior or exterior furniture such as living rooms, gardens or terraces.


Outdoor Lantern in Aluminium - Lighttube

Price €170.00

The aluminum outdoor lantern stands out for its cylindrical shape and the alternation of negative and positive spaces that make the diffusion of light unique and particular. The lantern is ideal for making your outdoor environments unique and giving them an intimate and private atmosphere, to share with your loved ones, friends and family. The handle above the lantern facilitates the movement of the same and also the cleaning of the spaces on which it is placed. The polycarbonate glass inside the lantern protects it from the wind and helps to preserve the candle flame. Lighttube is the essential accessory for summer dinners with friends!


Design Vase in Polyethylene - Quack

Price €170.80   €145.18

The design vase in polyethylene is a vase inspired by the figure of the duck, suitable for environments furnished with personality, to give a touch of irony to your home. Available in four different colors (white, black, acid green and orange), the Quack vase is perfect for those who want to be more daring and give a unique touch to their indoor or outdoor environment.